Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Clovis, NM youth group at DRT Ohio Property Work Camp

Jessica Biller - Mid-County Church of Christ- Troy, Ohio

Working in the DRT Supply Barn

Hanging out and jamming after work--

This has been a busy week.. We have an awesome youth group from Clovis, N.M. staying and working at the DRT Ohio property this week. This group is such a blessing! They are part of the team that do the non-glorious "behind the scenes" work and we are SO thankful to them. If it weren't for the volunteers who work behind the scenes readying things for disasters.... the remainder of the DRTeam could not accomplish what is needed when working in disaster areas.

It has been raining more than we had hoped this week, however it didn't deter this group. They willingly went to work doing whatever was needed. Some of the "rain day" work included.... Sorting, inventorying and organizing donated supplies in the DRT Supply Barn..... sorting and organizing tools in the Tool Room of the barn..... When it hasn't been raining (including this afternoon! WooHoo!) They have been cleaning out the trenches that had been dug for the placement of drainage pipe in the fields as well as placing the pipe in the trenches..... We've had a horrible time with flooding here at the property but the drainage pipes will greatly reduce this! Today they are power spraying the barns and hopefully if the rain will hold off painting will take place on the exterior of the barns. Now that the supplies have been sorted and organized we are also able to load the supply trailer for the next disaster......

Speaking of which....
An upgraded hurricane forecast has been released today.
According to Joe Bastardi of AccuWeather... 2010 will be 1 of 5 most active hurricane seasons since record keeping began 160 years ago. He is predicting 18-21 named storms. He expects at least 8 of those named storms to make landfall in the U.S. including 6 hurricanes, 2-3 of those to be major hurricanes (catagory 3 or higher)

Lets take the time now to be preparing if you live in one of the coastal states... And all the rest of us begin preparing to help those who may come in harms way during this hurricane season.

Also remember wildfires are currently taking place in Arizona, tornadoes have hit MN. and Montana and DRT is in the process of completing our commitments in Haiti.
Please continue to pray for DRT as well as those affected by disasters.

We are so thankful to those of you that volunteer and help financially through DRT. Please continue so we can be ready for the next disaster.

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